POJEKT ISO9001 & ISO27001


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About us

By using modern technologies, we are successfully responding to all the demands and needs of our users. We take great care to ensure that with the functionality we maintain the ease of use of our software solutions.

We respond to all the demands of our users through the development of new and existing software solutions, maintenance, support and consulting. Our software solutions are expanding every day for new modules. Existing modules are optionally upgraded to specific user requirements. We respond promptly to all our users' requests.

WHERE WE ARE: Primorska 43, 34000 Požega

PHONE: +385 34 273 520

EMAIL: info@dotsoft.com.hr

Our work

Over the past ten years of dedicated work, personal development and listening to the needs of our clients, we have created a wide variety of products made in various technologies.
The users of our solutions work and operate in a variety of spheres of the society and the business environment. During all these years of dedicated work, it is our pleasure to use our solutions to over 400 customers and meet the needs and needs of our clients.

Contact us

Want to join our team or want to inquire about our products and services contact us and request a presentation or a quote.